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    DermDoc.In has been primarily created to enrich common readers with scientific information on various skin, hair and nail conditions and diseases. In the "Derm Posts" section, various Skin, Hair and Nail related conditions are discussed to eradicate many myths and misconceptions that are prevailing in their mind. Readers can also post their comments. Other additional benefits offered are online opinion where people can ask online opinion about their skin condition. This is free of charge but reply may take some time. There and also scope for a physical consultation with the founder of DermDoc.In, Dr Nilendu Sarma, MD, who practices at Kolkata, a consultant dermatologist, and a Post Graduate medical teacher in Medical College (Associate Professor and Head).


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    • Aug, 11

      Ringworm; why is it not leaving me?

      Background The situation that we have been witnessing has never been so serious ever! Every other one is suffering from ringworm. Now, everyone knows the name, and they also have come to know about its seriousness. But there are many who do not know this and they simply cannot accept incomplete cure of their disease […]

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      Mar, 24

      Hair Loss- Interesting facts to know (Part 2)

      Hi all, In this second and last part, I shall discuss about the diseases and conditions that lead to true hair fall or ‘hair loss’.   As said earlier, hair fall is natural and this should not be called a disease or may not require any treatment other than explanation unless it is excessive. Hair […]

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    • Mar, 3

      Hair fall- Myths and Facts

        Hair is one of the most precious gifts we have received. Thus when this prized possession starts disappearing, quite naturally, our anxiety reaches sky high. Let’s discuss why hair falls and what can be done to prevent it. But, wait for the second half. In this first half of this two part discussion, l […]

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      Feb, 28

      Play Holi Safely

        Holi is the celebration of colors, colorful minds and pure happiness. But do remember, colors can be made up from dangerous chemicals. Thus playing with these colors may be more risky than you may think. Decency is another important aspect that you should not forget while enjoying Holi. Dont lose control on yourself and […]

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    • Feb, 24

      Steroids – Good or Bad?

      Image- steroid induced acne on face Two extremely divergent situations exist in India, and possibly also in many other countries that have similar social, economic, religious, educational as well as political background. Millions of people are regularly exposed to steroids unknowingly facing its various harmful effects in their body without any advice from a doctor. […]

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      Feb, 23

      Psoriasis- Important Facts

      What is psoriasis? Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease manifested with scaly patches on the skin. What are the manifestations psoriasis? Scaly patches or plaques on skin are primary manifestations. Patients complain of scales that come off easily and get deposited on the clothes, bed and elsewhere. The patches may be sometimes reddish and itchy. […]

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    • Feb, 21

      Who is a dermatologist?

        Dermatologist is a doctor, specialist in skin, hair and nail disease. A MBBS doctor who has board certified qualification in Dermatology are called Dermatologist. In India, a basic doctor (MBBS) can practice most of the associated disciplines and even Dermatology. However, he/she can not claim to be a dermatologist. At present, medical council of […]

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      Feb, 14

      Alopecia Areata- What is it?

      Alopecia areata, a medical term for localized hair loss. This is known as Tak Poka in some eastern Indian states especially Bengal because of the notion among the local people that this (hair loss or TAK) is caused by some insects (POKA). This is a misnomer because this condition is neither caused by insects nor […]

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    • Feb, 12

      Religious Cotton Threads- problems

      Cotton threads that are mostly colored in red or black are commonly worn on arms, wrists or waist among people of all age groups. Very commonly these are used as a religious practice in Hindu religion. There exist non religious reasons for its use also. There are various adverse effects of using these. It can […]

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      Feb, 10

      Dirty Neck- What is it?

      [Image- dark neck with thickened, rugose skin] It is not uncommon to find these dark, dirty appearing rough skin markings on the neck. Many patients also have associated dark skin over the finger joints, elbow, areola, axila. Some even have prominent pigmentation around mouth. General appearance closely simulates uncleaned skin. Parents who are usually anxious […]

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