Acne or Pimple- Is it truely simple?

[Image- Acne on face]

Pimple is not simple, as it may sound or people think commonly.

Acne at young age

Acne occurs naturally at young or adolescent ages. This is because if the hormonal influence in the pilosebaceous glands. Such glands are predominant on face but are also present on chect and back. During growth spart of our body, acne is naturally seen.

Apart from these natural mechanism, cosmetics and oil can block the outflow of the gland secretion onto the skin leading to swelling of the glands and acne.

Adult Acne

Acne after adolescence needs more attention. Irregular menstruaion, obesity, hormonal imbalance, ovarian cysts (PCOD) may be associated. These all haveĀ  internal implications and diagnosis as well as treatment is more important. Heavy cosmetics use is often much more commonly seen in adult women than young. Many working women are bound to apply various creams that all actually can aggravate acne. Even sun screen creams have the same potentiality. More they have acne and marks, more they try to mask it. Thus, it leads to a vicious circle, i.e. more they want to suppress it, more it create problem.

So, what to do ?

Even with best of treatment, it takes many months for a satisfactory improvement in acne.


Thus, best way is to prevent it as much as possible. However, that too may not be easy especially at adolescent ages. Avoiding pricking, fondling generally help to prevent scars and marks. Regular gentle cleansing, avoiding too much creams on face are important.

Although acne is nornal at young age, treatment is necessary to prevent scars, and marks. Knowing the wrong practices is also important. Adult acne must be treated carefully. Evaluation should be directed towards identifying all the possible hormonal issues and treatment. Most acne causing creams, known as ‘comedogenic’ creams, should be immediately stopped.


Various treatments are available. Not all are useful in all. Some need special precaution, some need to be applied carefully, some are best avoided in pregnant or who may become pregnant in near future. Thus, buying and using treatment on your own is best not done. Consult a dermatologist sooner than its too late.

Acne scar and pigmentation

Acne scar or pigmentation marks need special treatments. These conditions cause significant depression in many patients. Thus, parents should not just avoid consulting a dermatologist. There are treatments available. However these scar treatment like laser may be costly. Some less expensive treatments are also available.