Hair fall- Myths and Facts


Hair is one of the most precious gifts we have received. Thus when this prized possession starts disappearing, quite naturally, our anxiety reaches sky high.
Let’s discuss why hair falls and what can be done to prevent it. But, wait for the second half. In this first half of this two part discussion, l shall discuss only the facts that most often, its not the true hair fall that creates anxiety. Our misconception prevails too much.

At the beginning it should be remembered that like all other body parts and like us, hair also has a life span. Thus, after a few years of its birth, hair falls and this is very much natural. Only a dead  statue can have fixed number of hair. All living human must lose hair! Yes, this is as true as that.

So, should we get tensed when some hairs fall? But most people do. I get calls from patients at very odd hour, telling, ‘Doc, another one….. Please do something!!!’ Really a painful situation for the patient and her doc !

Some newborns are born with full head dark, hairs. Parents are happy. Then, within next few years, hair density turns lesser. I frequently get very anxious parents bringing their 2 year old daughter with a complaint of scanty hair and huge hair loss. They even express their concern regarding the problem they will face during the marriage of their daughter!!!! Appears strange! Do you think this couple are crazy? Then they are many in our community.

Some babies have very less hair at birth but then attain a enviably full hairy scalp. Like fortune, hair density changes fast. So, parents, don’t get panicked!

Some females who had voluminous hair at puberty or during post teenage age often develop a mental crisis during their post 30 when they start to develop a predetermined form of genetic baldness, called androgenetic alopecia.
They can not tolerate it because hair is the thing that they have been using to boast ( of course silently, to their inner sole) to get confidence and a superiority complex. Thus, they develop more depression than other  who never had too much hair!  Thus, a same disease with similar amount of hair loss precipitates extremely different degree of depression.

Numerous articles have explained umpteenth times that  the normal daily hair loss may be even upto 100 to little more than that. This data is not wrong for a normal healthy individual. Surprisingly, most people claim to be well aware of this information and still the depression is enormous even when they believe their hair loss is actually much less than that!

It is also not uncommon that so many females collect their loosened hair in a packet to show the doctor only to prove the volume of loss!
Indian females have long hair. Thus a roll of even 10 hairs will appear a big ball to create enough tension in them.
So many females everyday tell that they are very much afraid to shampoo their hair with the fear that shampooing leads to heavy loss of hair! And they really avoids shampoo day after day! Interestingly, none of them answered wrongly or said ‘yes’ to my question whether their body hair also get loose if they use soap!


The bottom line is, in most of the occasions, normal loss of hair appears abnormal to the common people and cause depression. So, stop having depression with your hair fall.

Yes, hair fall can be abnormally high but you have a doctor specialized to deal with your hair fall called DERMATOLOGIST.
Relax, your DERMATOLOGIST is there to take your tension away!
And, watch out for the second and last half of this write up on true hair diseases that can cause hair fall.
Happy reading.